Brian James trailer full canopy

The Brian James trailer with a full canopy, never used for motor recovery, is a pristine and fully functional unit that’s ready to fulfill its intended purpose. This trailer, in its like-new and unused state, represents a reliable and well-maintained addition to your motor recovery equipment. Here’s an expanded description of this exceptional trailer.

Immaculate Condition: This Brian James trailer is a gem, having never been used for motor recovery purposes. It’s essentially in a like-new condition, both inside and out. The exterior, with its gleaming finish, reflects the care it has received, while the interior is spotless, indicating a high level of maintenance and attention to detail.

Fully Functional: Every component and feature of this trailer is in perfect working order. The trailer is designed to meet the demanding needs of motor recovery, ensuring that it’s reliable and capable of handling various types of vehicles. From the winch system to the braking mechanism, everything is ready to perform its duties without a hitch.

Excellent Wheel Condition: The wheels on this trailer are in exceptional condition, ensuring optimal traction and stability while on the road. Properly maintained wheels are crucial for a trailer used in motor recovery, as they need to handle a variety of terrains and weather conditions.

Full Electrical System: One of the standout features of this trailer is its integrated electrical system. This system includes lighting, ensuring that your transported vehicle is visible and safe, even during night-time or adverse weather conditions. Additionally, it may include a power supply for auxiliary equipment, making it a comprehensive solution for motor recovery needs.

Ready to Roll: What sets this trailer apart is its incredible convenience. All you need to do is attach your motor’s number plate, and you’re ready to hit the road. This level of readiness is a testament to the attention to detail and care that’s been put into preparing this trailer for use.

In conclusion, the Brian James trailer with a full canopy, never used for motor recovery, is an exceptional find for anyone in the motor recovery business. Its pristine condition, impeccable maintenance, full functionality, excellent wheel condition, and integrated electrical system make it a top-notch choice. With your motor’s number plate, it’s essentially a turnkey solution for motor recovery, ensuring that you’re well-equipped and ready for any situation. This trailer is not just a piece of equipment; it’s peace of mind for your motor recovery operations.


Miles 1,000 mi
Color grey and orange
Registration Brain James