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Sell by AUCTION with Us!

Hello Prospective Sellers,

  • Are you Dissatisfied with the low offers on your motor?
  • Consider auctioning your motor directly better With us
  • Let us to simplify the process for you.
  • By Arranging for any Repairs that could enhance the Value.
  • Hassle-Free selling, quick turnaround
  • Save a significant amount of money

Hello Prospective Sellers,

Are you dissatisfied with the low offers you are receiving for your motor online? If you are seeking a more lucrative solution, consider auctioning your motor directly better through us.

We invite you to consider selling your motor vehicle through our auction services. Instead of going through the cumbersome process of preparing documents, arranging drop off and pick up, and potentially incurring storage fees if your vehicle doesn’t sell, allow us to simplify the process for you.

By bringing your vehicle to our secure premises, we will handle all aspects of auctioning your motor Vehicle, ensuring that you receive the best possible value. Our services include valeting your vehicle, capturing high-quality images, managing all necessary paperwork, and arranging for any repairs that could enhance the value of your vehicle. All this is manageable within our premises without taking to action site.

Unlike online quick sell companies that may not offer the best return on your motor, selling your motor vehicle through our auction service ensures a potentially higher profit. Our streamlined process can lead to a quicker sale, possibly within just 2 days.

By choosing to sell your motor vehicle through our auction service, you can avoid the stress and uncertainty that may come with selling to online companies. Our commitment to providing the best value for our customers sets us apart from companies that engage in practices aimed at maximising their own profits at the expense of sellers.

Take the stress out of selling your vehicle and trust us to handle the auction process professionally and efficiently. Experience hassle-free selling, quick turnaround, and a better return on your motor vehicle by choosing to sell through auction directly through us.

By selling your motor vehicle directly through us, you can potentially save a significant amount of money compared to selling to an online company and potentially losing out on the true value of your motor vehicle. Our streamlined process ensures that you receive the most favourable outcome when parting ways with your motor.

Source: Mercedes Benz USA

Did you know?

The most expensive car sold in auction was a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé, having gone under the hammer for a staggering $135m in 2022 – the equivalent of £114.4m. Previously owned by Mercedes-Benz, the car was sold by RM Sotheby’s at the Mercedes-Benz Museum to an anonymous buyer.

8 Reasons why you should sell in an auction

1. Quick Sale: Auctions are known for their efficiency in facilitating rapid transactions. Unlike traditional selling methods that may take weeks or even months, auctions often conclude within a day, allowing sellers to quickly offload their vehicles.

2. Competitive Bidding: Auctions create a competitive environment where multiple potential buyers bid against each other. This competition can drive up the price of the car, potentially resulting in a higher selling price than what the seller might achieve through private sale.

3. Targeted Audience: Auctions attract a specific audience of buyers who are actively looking to purchase a vehicle. This targeted exposure increases the likelihood of finding a buyer quickly, especially if the car is in high demand or has unique features.

4. Transparent Process: Auctions provide transparency in the selling process. Sellers can witness the bidding firsthand and have the opportunity to set a reserve price (the minimum acceptable bid), ensuring that they are comfortable with the final selling price.

5. No Negotiations: Unlike private sales where negotiations are common, auction sales typically involve straightforward transactions. Once the hammer falls and the highest bid is accepted, the sale is finalized without the need for further negotiation.

6. Professional Assistance: Auction houses often have experienced staff who can assist sellers throughout the process. From appraising the vehicle’s value to marketing it effectively to potential buyers, these professionals help streamline the selling experience.

7. Reach a Wide Audience: Auctions, especially online ones, can attract buyers from different geographical locations. This broad reach increases the chances of finding the right buyer for the car, even if local demand is limited.

8. Avoid Hassles: Selling a car privately can be accompanied by various hassles, such as dealing with test drives, arranging meetings with potential buyers, and handling paperwork. Auctions alleviate many of these burdens by consolidating the selling process into a single event.

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